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Dentist Dr. Michael Hager
Specialist dental implants

Dentist Dr. Eva Murmann
Specialist all-ceramics and prosthetics

Dentist Dr. Sarah Schneider
Specialist all-ceramics and prosthetics

Dentist Benjamin Hager
Specialist dental implants

Our highlights

Implant-supported circular all-ceramic bridges

The dental-implant specialists at the Dr. Hager dental practice can benefit from the experience and expertise of the dental implantologist, Dr. Michael Hager, who has been active in the field for many years. All our implantologists have followed the curriculum established by the German Association of Dental Implantology (DGZI) which is supervised by renowned and international implantologists. Our dentists are supported during implantations by modern 3D imaging computer topographers and precise implant navigation technologies. Dental implants can be manufactured using various different materials.

Even at its earliest development stages, zirconium oxide proved itself to be a highly bio-compatible material, offering strong competition to the established titanium implants. We have been successfully using ceramic implants for over 10 years now, which offer improved bone compatibility and aesthetics when compared to titanium implants. Come in for a consultation: one of our specialist implantologists at the Dr. Hager Dental Practice in Konstanz will be happy to give you more information. We take our time to analyse your individual situation and objectives from treatment in order to present you with a suitable treatment approach. Our implantologists and dentists will also prepare a non-binding quote for the treatment costs for you, allowing you to take all our information home with you and make a well-thought-out decision.

Dr. Michael Hager and the specialist implantology team will always be happy to discuss your situation with you personally. You can make an appointment for a consultation using the online form on the ‘Contact’ page, or alternatively you can call us by phone.

Implant Specialist