Correcting tooth and jaw misalignments

Orthodontics is a specialist field of dentistry that deals with prevention, recognition and treatment of malpositioned teeth and the jaws (malocclusions). This is vital for prevention of damage that may be caused later on due to poorly distributed stresses on the teeth, for example. We apply holistic treatment concepts, i.e. we search for the cause of misalignments occurring in the first place and then work to remedy these in a targeted way. 

These options make it possible to avoid unsightly, fixed appliances in the majority of cases, without any significant limitations on your day-to-day activities. For TMJ (jaw joint) complaints or harmful disorders such as grinding of teeth, a bionator appliance is used (see picture below, right). These options can even achieve good results in the treatment of snoring.

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Braces for adults

Adults too would like to have beautiful, straight teeth. Perhaps earlier treatments proved unsuccessful, or no corrective treatments were performed in your younger years... Either way, harmful misalignments of the teeth and jaw may occur as a result.

There are excellent treatment options available for these cases of adult patients, with very good results being achievable in a short period of time. This is achieved through a combination of orthodontic treatments and approaches from aesthetic dentistry. For example, tooth-coloured ceramic veneers are not only to make front teeth look more beautiful in terms of aesthetics, but also in order to make the teeth positions themselves look corrected. When using a more traditional treatment with orthodontic appliances (braces), treatment options that are removable and/or invisible from the outside are preferred by adult patients. Treatment options of this kind include the Crozat appliance (see picture below, left side) and the plate appliance (see picture below, centre). 

Braces for children

Why do children, young people and adults have orthodontic treatments nowadays? First and foremost, beauty and aesthetics play an important role. We want our children to have beautiful, straight teeth.

A gentle way to correct teeth

In holistic orthodontics, specialists try to identify poor development as early as possible in order to treat the underlying cause. When abnormalities are treated too late on, specialists may be forced to apply conservative treatment methods that have more side effects, leading to often avoidable additional stress and discomfort for patients.

By recognising and treating the causes of poor developments early on, we can avoid the need for extraction of permanent teeth, and with this, also avoid the need to use cemented or bonded appliances in 95% of cases. In this way, we can also avoid the need to use headgear appliances supported by the upper spine.

Kieferorthopäde Konstanz

But there are even more reasons, which are just as important on closer investigation

  • Teeth that are in a poor position, are rotated, or crooked, are less able to bear up against the significant stresses they are exposed to over your lifetime. Better positioned teeth that sit straight in the jaw, on the other hand, are better able to transfer the pressure from chewing to the jaw, and so are preserved for longer.

  • Closed spaces and tight gaps between the teeth lead to a greater risk of both tooth decay and gum disease than when compared to an ideally structured dental arch.

What do our appliances look like?

  • The bionator is an essential removable device which can be used to treat the majority of malocclusions (tooth and jaw misalignments).

  • The Crozat device is characterised by excellent effectiveness and comfortable wearing properties.

  • It is invisible to the outside world and allows for plenty of room for the tongue, lips and cheeks, ensuring speech is left unimpaired.

  • Less severe malocclusions can be treated with our removable, coloured plate appliances.

This treatment approach using removable devices allows children and adult patients alike to achieve healthy and beautiful teeth in a way that protects the teeth and soft tissues.

Causes of malocclusions (poor alignment or tooth arrangement) can be:

  • Respiratory allergies and related obstruction of breathing through the nose

  • Tension and spasms of the jaw and neck muscles

  • Weakness of the supporting muscles of the spine

  • Premature loss of milk teeth due to tooth decay

  • Lymph becoming blocked up in the tissues of the head and neck caused by frequent infections and allergic reactions.

  • It is for this reason that it is important for orthodontists to cooperate with ENT doctors, orthopaedic doctors, allergists, and physiotherapists. 

  • Consultations regarding the diet, posture, and muscle and breathing exercises may also be important. Our diagnostics and treatment take these elements into consideration. That's how our patients achieve their goals of beautiful, natural-looking sets of teeth through an approach that is non-invasive and long-lasting.